Affirmative action

Affirmative action in China There is affirmative action in education for minority nationalities. This may equate to lowering minimum requirements for the National University Entrance Examination, which is a mandatory exam for all students to enter university. Israel[ edit ] A class-based affirmative action policy was incorporated into the admission practices of the four most selective universities in Israel during the early to mids. In evaluating the eligibility of applicants, neither their financial status nor their national or ethnic origins are considered.

Affirmative action

October 14, at This Affirmative action rhetoric was used in the descriptions of Native Americans, Mexicans, and African Americans from the s until the s.

They are seen even now. Even until the 70s some schools and universities were segregated. Even looking at schools now, it is sad because they are still segregated. Then we wonder why there is educational inequity which lends to the need for AA.

These schools that are majority black lack many basic resources. I have been in classes where we don't have enough books to even have a class set for students.

Did The Obamas Benefit From Affirmative Action?

Teachers don't even have working printers in their schools nor working computers. The Affirmative action gap in urban areas and rural areas is so disparaging that no matter what you view about AA, America will fall from being the number 1 economic power in the world.

And these minority populations that people are so quick to write off, will soon be the majority. October 14, at 2: Lack of parenting, obscene drop out rates, kids getting knocked up at I graduated high school from a highly regarded "privileged" district within the last 10 years.

We had great funding, but the bottom line is none of my core classes calculus, physics, english, etc etc used anything other than a text book. Unfortunately there's no "nice" way to say it but kids need an environment where they don't fear for their lives every day, and have incentive to not drop out of school and actually give a you know what about their education October 15, at 1: And that's based on racist assumptions about people who may share my skin color but who tend to be segregated into schools that don't teach them those subjects assuming that they can't possibly learn them.

It's a vicious circle that has to be broken somehow. Let's see - stop equating brown skin with stupidity and that might break that cycle. April 18, at It's like the old adage of the more things change the more they stay the same.

Affirmative action gives school district the wiggle room to avoid doing the right thing which is to provide every public school an equal distribution of public funds. If your good, your pay reflects that. Sincerely, a Hispanic woman who has learned how to navigate the educational system.


October 13, at We hired young black man aged We put him through the usual day training and he messed up his job duties a few times. We finally had to let him work alone in a rather complicated technical position.

He messed up quite a lot and cost us a lot of revenue.

Affirmative action

But we forgave him and we retrained him and then put him back by himself. It became evident that we hired the wrong person. Yes, we had passed over hiring white men and women to hire this Black man so we could get a tax credit.

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But it was affecting our revenue streams and finally someone at the top saw the losses and sent an investigator. He determined the man was a druggie and was using on duty and could not possibly do his work assignements because he was stoned out of his head most of the time.

So we gave him one more chance. He blew it horribly, he just could not do the work.Employee hiring and promotion policy that takes a proactive approach to removing prejudices against recruiting and promoting minorities, and other under-represented groups of the society.

Affirmative Action Around the World: An Empirical Study (Yale Nota Bene S) [Thomas Sowell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this important book, an eminent authority presents a new perspective on affirmative action, investigating its actual consequences in the United States and in other countries where it has been in .

The following history of affirmative action policies is re-published with the permission of Americans for Fair Chance and was updated as of August 7, by Shirley J.

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Wilcher, president, Wilcher Global LLC, and former executive director of Americans for a Fair Chance.. President John F. Kennedy's Executive Order (E.O.) used affirmative action .

years, affirmative action has been debated more intensely than at any other time in its year history. Many supporters view affirmative action as a milestone, many opponents see it as a millstone, and many others regard it as both or neither -- as a necessary, but imperfect, remedy for .

Affirmative action, also known as reservation in India and Nepal, positive action in the United Kingdom, and employment equity (in a narrower context) in Canada and South Africa, is the policy of promoting the education and employment of members of groups that are known to have previously suffered from discrimination.

Historically and internationally, support for affirmative action has sought. Employee hiring and promotion policy that takes a proactive approach to removing prejudices against recruiting and promoting minorities, and other under-represented groups of the society.

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