Asttle writing a book

Performance by AsTTle Console Reports All The Console Report analysis of the Year 4- 8 data shows that there was improvement in the performance in all seven sub-areas audience, content, structure, language resources, grammar, punctuation and spelling. The average improvement in a primary school year for any one child is between 25 and 30 AsTTle points.

Asttle writing a book

The tests are aligned to the NZC, and can analyse results to assess needs, and measure progress levels over time. This is an electronically based assessment. This is a reliable and valid based test.

Asttle Rubrix

The test converts a rubric score to a asttle score, and gives specific feedback as well as identifying areas of weakness and strength. It compares against national average performance and NZC requirements, and allows for comparison within gender, ethnicity and similar schools.

The test takes approx 40 min with some setup time. Teachers require extensive training due to the nature of the rubric system, which they mark against. For an accurate score they need to understand what parts of a piece of writing meets the rubric elements.

It is available for maori speakers, and offers what next strategies.


The website has lots of info. It is different as it can be used at any time of the year.

asttle writing a book

Teachers can set tests aligned to their own curriculum at the level you need. It provides a realistic picture of how the child is gogin as compared nationally. It provides detailed feedback not just a score. It is the first bilingual system by MOE. Also for any gaps to identify next steps.

The Summative assessment would be the actual score created. It is usually administered to groups using an OHP in the form of a written test that takes about minutes. This test assesses knowledge of forward and backward number word sequences, fractions, place value and basic facts.

There is evidence of both validity and reliability. It measures stages for number knowledge of the curriculum levels. A teacher needs training in this test, and is scored with a strategy curriculum level identified.e-asTTle was originally designed for assessing students in years 5–10, but can be used for a wider range of students, and can be administered to individuals or groups.

The writing tool can be used for all students, including juniors, as long as they are able to write a couple of sentences.

asttle writing a book

Apr 14,  · The e-asTTle test is the only standardised one for writing, while STAR competes with PAT and some other tests. A number of schools contract NZCER to mark their STAR tests which I assume were marked using the next year’s marking schedule, thereby reducing the potential inflationary effect overall on national standards results.

AsTTle is a standardised commercial test that uses a multiple choice and short answer format for Reading and Maths. AsTTle writing is a timed (45 minute) ‘snap-shot’. AsTTle writing is a timed (45 minute) ‘snap-shot’. The caterpillar makes the cocoon first. I love the way you’ve drawn the arrows, to show what happens next.

After Kelsi had completed the writing, the teacher asked her to . e-asTTle writing – Background information.

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e-asTTle writing (revised) is an online assessment tool designed to assess students’ progress in writing from years 1– It represents a complete revision of the original e-asTTle writing assessment tool.

e-asTTle writing and the New Zealand Curriculum. Writing prompts. There are 20 prompts that cover the five writing purposes. The prompts are available from within the e-asTTle application when you create a test.

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