Carnival business plan

Opening a Carnival and amusement park rides manufacturing Business The following elements should be a part of your plan, depending upon your objective, like Summary strategy overview, strategy logic and stage of business developmentConcept product description and impact factors. We are Carnival amusement business plan professionals! It cannot be stressed too strongly that a good Carnival amusement business plan is the cornerstone of successful financing.

Carnival business plan

Experience and training combine with maintenance and daily inspections to create a safe environment.

carnival business plan

Staff members attend seminars to keep up to date with the trends. Communication with amusement ride manufacturers and state and federal regulators gives us the latest information we need to know. We maintain a winter quarters in Austin, Texas, where annual maintenance is performed. A full service maintenance shop is carried on the road.

The shop is stocked with tools and repair parts. All employees participate in the daily inspection process. Written reports document the inspections.

Recertification is required every four years, and we maintain it to this day.

carnival business plan

Thomas in Lennox, South Dakota. The Thomas Carnival has been owned and operated by the members of the Thomas family continuously since then.

Presently there are fourth generation family members working in the business. Art initially began the carnival with two attractions operating in the southeastern area of South Dakota. Over the years the operating area has grown larger and the number of attractions has increased where now our area of operation includes 10 states and we can offer up to 50 rides, 50 games and 15 food concessions.

We also provide our customers with many creature comforts including shaded rest areas with benches, covering for hoses and wires, signs and instructions regarding game and ride rules and operations, but most importantly, easy access to staff members in case of a concern or problem.

We have provided a safe, clean, wholesome entertainment environment just as Art B. When you walk our midways you will notice our customers having fun. Tickets bought at any ticket selling location can be used for admission on any ride. We know how many tickets are sold each day and at the end of that day weigh all tickets used for admission at each ride, allowing us to balance ticket sales and redemption and also to monitor the popularity of each individual ride.

You, as the sponsor, receive a computer generated ticket sales report for each day of operation. All ticket sales are shown on that report. We utilize virtually all ticket promotions popular today: The list is only as short as the imagination.

Choosing a Carnival for a Fair, Festival & Event Promotion Handbook, planning a successful event

Consulting Having been in the entertainment industry sincewe have acquired the knowledge and expertise of fair and carnival operations. Whether you are looking for a carnival or need assistance in planning or organizing your event, we are available to help you by either providing equipment or consultations.

For more information about consulting and coordination, please contact Tom Atkins at or John Hanschen at It has a proud family lineage that has seen four generations of ownership with a fifth generation on the road in Carnival founder Art B.

Arriving in America during the late s, the Thoms family homesteaded two farms in Iowa and North Dakota. As a young man Art served as a fireman on the railroad, while his brother Walt was an auto body repairman, and his oldest brother Vern worked as a mechanic.

Art invested in a Town Pump concession and accompanied Dixon from town to town selling ice-cold lemonade. He decided to change his name from Thoms to Thomas, as the phonetics was more appealing for his new enterprise: Making his winter quarters in Lennox, South Dakota, Art started off on a season that lasted from May to September, each spot lasting one or two days.

By he decided to split the show into two units, running one himself, and his wife Ann running the other.

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He brought along his wife Florence, and their children, Bernard and Doris. Bernard, who was 7 years old when he joined the carnival, enjoyed the experience.

He recounts those first early years: My Dad had arranged the car so that he and my Mother slept on the floor and he made a shelf for my sister and I to sleep above them.

He built a large trunk on the back that contained a gas stove, pots, pans, dishes and eating utensils. We never went to a restaurant. The next season, my sister and I slept in one of the merry-go-round trucks, which also housed one of the gasoline powered electric generators.Fort Belvoir carnival organizer Jamie Marshall makes sure to check out games whenever she goes to an amusement park to see what she can adapt for the school’s carnival.

Plan other activities. Beyond games, carnivals often feature pony rides, face painting, hayrides, and even amusement rides like a .

Festival/Event Checklist Note: the state laws regarding almost every item on this checklist are inherently unique for each state. It is vital that legal counsel be sought to clarify the legality of each step as you plan your event.

Carnival Cruise Line Ships. Carnival Cruise Lines has over 20 cruise ships, but all are based on one thing: fun. Each ship is filled with exciting activities, amusing entertainment for all .

Strategy 4. Carnival should differentiate its service to customers by stressing the quality of the service and the facilities. • Focus Strategy: currently Carnival focuses on all customer groups – – Broaden the demographic appeal Carnival can appeal to different cultures and age groups specifically Strategy 5.

The 8 chapter marketing plan will assist you in determining the best ways to reach your intended audience for your Carnival. You will also receive a How to Start a Carnival Guide that will showcase the startup issues that you will need to deal with as you progress through the business Price: A business plan is a smart and sassy document you write for investors, lenders or potential partners to give them an understanding of your business, so they can make a decision to support it.


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