Letter of counseling

Generally Soldiers may only counsel other Soldiers who are subordinate in rank. However, while official rank is the biggest factor in the Chain of Command and supervision, there will be circumstances where persons of equal or lower rank may be given the authority or responsibility for managing Army resources along with the duty to correct behavior that might threaten that responsibility.

Letter of counseling

I appreciate the opportunity given to me by my chain of command to present my case, explain the circumstances leading up to the LOR, and with the utmost respect to my superiors, express my disagreement with the current circumstances. This was due to previous disciplinary actions for events that transpired off-duty.

I was given the simple instructions that I must continue my duties as an Airman, and that I must also prepare for separation, which I was told included completing several mandatory appointments, and creating a professional resume to secure employment after discharge.

During the month of July, I successfully completed as many appointments permitted in such a short period of time, and updated my whereabouts on J-Signout for accountability purposes, often times weeks in advance.

My chain of command was aware that I was separating and that I had several appointments on a weekly basis that would cause me to be away from my office.

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Upon completion of my resume, I began to receive job offers and requests for interviews. I spent the evening preparing for the appointment, and forgot to inform my supervisor and chain of command of the Letter of counseling. In retrospect, I realize that before relying solely on the wingman concept, which often fails due to human error or negligence, I should have instead contacted one of the many links in my chain of command, despite the late hour.

I could have also contacted them the next morning to inform them of my whereabouts.

Sample Counselor Recommendation Letter | Sample Letters

Unfortunately, my wingman had undergone surgery prior to receiving my message, and due to the medication he was on, easily, and understandably forgot to update my whereabouts the next morning. I acknowledge responsibility for my error in judgment, and realize that I had several better options available to me at the time that I failed to use.

While I agree that I was definitely in the wrong, I strongly disagree with the severity of my punishment. I have contacted the Area Defense Council and the IG to inform me of my rights and to advise me how to best deal with this unfortunate circumstance.

I have also done my own research into the matter as suggested by several NCOs to better understand the full scope of options available to leadership to correct breaches of policy. As I understand it, a Letter of Reprimand is used to correct either a repetitive misbehavior after other means have been exhausted, or to correct a clear and intentional breach or disregard to the rules of conduct.

I strongly disagree that either of these situations are the case. In my three years of service I have never had any disciplinary action that has been work related. In the scope of work I am an exemplary employee and coworker and I often come in to work early, work through lunch, and stay late.

I have always updated my status and whereabouts on J-Signout prior to this incident and have never had any legitimate problems at work. I feel that this was an isolated incident and it never has been, or will be repeated. Upon being informed of my error, I received counseling from my supervisor and flight chief and I made it clear to them that I understood the impact of my actions and the mistakes that I made.

Furthermore, I gave a clear understanding of the steps I would take in the future to prevent said action from ever being repeated, and worked with my supervisor to implement these preventative measures. I would also ask for it to be taken into consideration the stressful nature of preparing for a major life change, especially on such short notice.

I was informed that I would be separating well under the day customary threshold, and I felt a strong sense of urgency to plan for the future of my family.Counselor Recommendation Letter, easy to write Counselor Recommendation Letter, format for counselor recommendation letter.

Letter of counseling

A summary of these changes with regards to Letter of Reprimand (LORs), Letter of Counseling (LOCs), Letters of Admonishment (LOAs), Unfavorable Information Files (UIFs), and Control Rosters (CR) follows. Does the letter of counseling support her allegations of sexual harassment? According to the letter, Huffor called a young female deputy to his office, quote; “young .

A formal Letter of Counseling is normally recorded on an DA Form , Developmental Counseling Form. It provides a record of counseling and is useful for supporting more serious corrective action if needed.

It may also be used as a reference when completing performance evaluations. Welcome to the United States Air Force subreddit. Feel free to discuss anything about the Air Force or military in general. Mental Health/Suicide Resources. Request an appointment letter from UIF monitors within 30 days of appointment.

(T-2). For monitors of UIFs for AFR and ANG personnel, see Table (T-2). HQ Individual Reserve .

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