Market analysis on fast food submarkets

While in Waco, he co-founded Brazos Real Estate Ventures, LLC, a residential real estate private investment fund that, at its peak, owned and managed over 25 units. He returned to the real estate brokerage world by joining Carduner Commercial, of San Antonio in March While there, he worked on several landlord and developer-owned projects, performing leasing and sales functions, while also providing real estate site selection services on behalf of several national tenants. He brings more than sixteen years of real estate brokerage and development experience to his role as Principal at Retail Solutions, and is very knowledgeable of the retail real estate market throughout the entire state of Texas.

Market analysis on fast food submarkets

Share on Facebook The restaurant industry in the United States is vast, with close totraditional restaurants in operation as of springaccording to market research company NPD Group. Whether you are trying to compete in the restaurant industry or sell goods or services within it, breaking it down into submarkets can help make the data more manageable and your industry analyses more meaningful.

Independents Independents are classified as restaurants that have one to two locations with the same name. The locations are generally near each other, but they could be in different cities, counties or states.

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With a total of more thanlocations across the country, independents account for more than one-half of the restaurant outlets in the country.

Independent restaurants are usually full-service restaurants, but some are quick-service establishments. Independents were hit hard by the recession that started inresulting in a net loss of more than 7, outlets between and Local or Regional Chains Restaurant chains may be owned outright by individuals or may be franchises of a larger corporation.

They are normally classified as any restaurant with three or more locations using the same name.

Market analysis on fast food submarkets

A local or regional chain is a group of three or more restaurants that operate within a finite geographical area. Local chains usually confine their locations to a few neighboring cities or towns or a county, while regional chains may cross state lines. Unlike independents, chain restaurants have fared well through the recession.

Although they make up less than half of the total outlets, they account for more than 60 percent of consumer visits.

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National Chains National chains are usually large, with or more locations from coast to coast. When dealing with national chains, it is important to understand ownership, particularly if you are a vendor trying to sell your goods or services.

Emerging Markets Although their numbers preclude them being included in most industry analyses, emerging markets may be a viable restaurant submarket.

Some concepts never take off, like the grocerants of the late s, which sold ready-to-heat meals, while others grow over time. Mobile food trucks, for example, have shown tremendous growth across the country, with units owned by individuals and larger, more established restaurants.This report on Global Fast Food Restaurants: Provides Market Size information to assist with planning and strategic decisions.

Includes the necessary information to perform SWOT, PEST and STEER analysis. Helps you understand market dynamics to give you a deeper understanding of industry competition and the supply chain.

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Market analysis on fast food submarkets

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Chris Duncan joined Retail Solutions in December to become the firm’s El Paso Market Leader. He is a United States Navy Veteran, who was born in El Paso, and served as a Hospital Corpsman from What are markets, sub-markets and product-markets?

A market is the overall set of buyers (consumers) and sellers (firms) for a broad market need, such as the banking market, or the education market, or the ready-to-eat food market.

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