Restistance of nichrome wire essay

I predict that the longer the wire, the larger the resistance.

Restistance of nichrome wire essay

Nichrome is a nickel - chromium alloy with non-magnetic properties. The alloy also sometimes includes some parts of iron as its constituents. Nichrome is normally used to make resistance wires. This substance was patented in For samples which include iron as a constituent, the chemical formula is NiFeCr.

There are however other alloy compositions which combine nickel, chromium and iron in different other ratios. Picture 1 — Nichrome Here are some basic properties of Nichrome.

Nickel Chromium Wire Options

Color Nichrome has a silvery gray coloration. Specific gravity The specific gravity of Nichrome is 8. Electrical resistivity at room temperature The electrical resistivity at room temperature for this substance is 1.

Thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity is the ability of a substance to conduct heat. The thermal conductivity for Nichrome is The modulus of elasticity for Nichrome is 2.

Thermal Expansion Thermal expansion is the property of matter by which a substance changes volume with the application of heat.

Operating temperature The operating temperature is defined as the temperature at which a mechanical or an electrical device operates. Temperature Coefficient of resistance Temperature Coefficient mathematically represents the relative change of physical properties of a substance when the temperature is altered by 1 Kelvin.

Corrosivity The substance is highly resistant to corrosion. Oxidation The substance is resistant to oxidation at high temperatures. Nichrome Uses Here are some of the common uses of Nichrome: Nichrome is extensively used in the fireworks and explosives industry. Nichrome is used to prepare bridgewire for electric ignition systems like model rocket igniters, electric matches and electronic cigarettes.

This substance is used in ceramic works. It serves to provide an internal support structure and assist in holding the shapes of clay sculptures while they are soft.

Due to its resistance to high temperatures, Nichrome is also used when clay pieces are fired in kilns. Nichrome wires are used to test the flame color in the non-illuminated parts of cation fire from the cations of sodiumcopperpotassium and calcium.

Nichrome is also used in microbiological laboratories. This substance is used in the manufacturing of motorcycle silencers. Nichrome is also used to prepare Nichrome thin films.

These thin films are frequently used in hybrid assemblies. Nichrome thin films are also used in integrated circuits which are used in the fields of telecommunications, instrumentations, power supplies as well as medical and military equipments where good power dissipation and low noise production becomes necessary.

This material is highly resistant to heat and high temperature oxidation. Due to this property, Nichrome is used in building toasters, soldering iron, hair dryers and electric ovens.

In these instruments, Nichrome wires are wound in coils to produce a specific electrical resistance and then electric current is passed through the wires for producing heat. This substance is also used to build thermocouples. Nichrome is also used by hot wire foam cutters in industrial and other arenas.

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Requesting additional info always receives a prompt response! May 27,  · In this video I will show you that how you can find a nichrome wire at home from cfl light bulb. Nichrome wire is also known as resistance wire and you can get it from home appliances easily.

Restistance of nichrome wire essay

Nichrome heating elements functions as a heat seal band, producing an airtight seal. They possess an excellent corrosion resistance and a high melting point.

Various Uses of Nichrome Wire

Applications of nichrome wire include sealing polyethylene film and cutting foam products. – The length of the wire – The diameter of the wire (SWG) – The type of wire Types of wire: Nichrome: 80% Nickel 20% Chromium Alloy.

Nichrome wire by determining its resistivity - Sample Essay Metals have low resistance due to their delocalized field of electrons. However, different metals have different values of . ESSAY SAMPLE ON Material of wire TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU Order now Prediction In my investigation I predict that as I change the materials (Copper, Constantan and Nichrome) different readings from the ammeter and voltage will occur, and I expect that copper will have the least resistance of the three materials, followed by constantan, and then nichrome. – Nichrome wire conducts electricity very well and because current is the movement of atoms through the wire, if the wires length is doubled so is the number of electrons which will double the resistance.

Constantan: 60% Copper 40% Nickel Alloy. Copper First of all we decided to test the resistance using a Multimeter. This would give us a rough idea about what the resistances of each wire are. Essay Investigating the Resistance of a Wire - Investigating the Resistance of a Wire Introduction My aim in this experiment is to investigate if the length of a wire affects the resistance of electrons.

GCSE physics coursework. resistance of a wire Free GCSE physics coursework essay I Tracy huge visual analysis essay of the last supper debts. length. when the length of the wire is 20cm the GATEWAY SCIENCE SUITE BIOLOGY.

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