Saas adoption level in nigeria essay

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Saas adoption level in nigeria essay

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The biggest Saas adoption level in nigeria essay was not technology but a cultural change within the organization. Using a cohesive strategy and process, Microsoft IT has changed its culture and integrated cloud adoption into the business.

Download Business Case Study1. Part of the Microsoft IT cloud adoption strategy is moving approximately 2, line-of-business applications to the cloud platform. These applications are spread across eight datacenters worldwide, which comprise over 40, distinct operating system instances.


Microsoft IT realized that its biggest challenge was not a technology issue. The biggest challenge was powering a cultural change at Microsoft. To drive this change, Microsoft IT formed the Stratus team. The team evaluated the company application portfolio and decided what applications to move first.

A modernized application portfolio. New capabilities in the cloud, including agile development and deployment.

The LOB application portfolio at Microsoft includes finance, human resource, and support applications. Microsoft IT was tasked with driving this ambitious, company-wide project. The role of Microsoft IT in the project is to drive the migration of applications to the cloud.

The team provides the necessary support and expertise to individual departments by consulting with them about moving applications to the cloud.

Saas adoption level in nigeria essay

They discuss a delivery model, resource planning, and potential cost savings. They find the best fit for an application in the cloud.

And they provide critical reporting data to measure progress of the project. Solution Microsoft IT realized that its biggest challenge was not a technology issue. To understand how the decision to migrate a specific application was made, it helps to understand that the Microsoft IT organization has two major components: Business process units BPUswhich are aligned with business processes such as finance, sales, or human resources.

Centralized IT services at Microsoft are responsible for a variety of services, including server infrastructure, SAP implementations, security, and architecture guidelines. The Microsoft IT strategy of "everything runs in the cloud" applies to both new applications and existing applications that run in a datacenter environment.

The Stratus team provides several critical functions: Analyzing cloud capabilities, application, and platform requirements and how those enable the adoption of cloud technologies.

This is an important function. The Stratus team needed to know when capabilities that are critical to an application are available in the cloud.

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Training and guidance to enable a cloud-first IT organization. The Stratus team developed a decision framework on where—or if—an application would live in the cloud.

The team consulted with BPUs to provide guidance and training. Reporting, which is critical to sharing accountability across BPUs.

The biggest challenge was changing the culture and mindset at Microsoft. The company needed to switch from a strategic focus on developing technology solutions to measuring business benefits. The Stratus team needed to carefully orchestrate migration to the cloud.

The team would drive the effort, but each department would rely on its own technical expertise during the move. Executive management needed to approve training costs to build the technical skill set that would enable the move. Moving to the cloud Cloud adoption within Microsoft IT has been an evolutionary journey.

In the early phases, when Microsoft IT began selecting applications to move to the cloud, it made simple classifications to determine when an application should be targeted for migration. The team weighed two factors when evaluating an application for cloud migration: Microsoft IT began with the least technically complex application that had the least impact on business.Driving cloud adoption in an enterprise IT organization Business Case Study.

September it should be developed for PaaS or SaaS, software as a service. Figure 3. Applications in the cloud. The cloud strategy at a . Find out how to write a great essay on Nigeria!

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Enter Now and Discover the SaaS Adoption Challenges You Should Know About on Your Resource for Software as a Service News and Information. Enter Now and Discover the SaaS Adoption Challenges You Should Know About on Your Resource for Software as a Service News and Information.

a solidly drafted Service Level Agreement contract . Saas Adoption Level in Nigeria Essay Sample. 1. Introduction This chapter provides an overview of the research subject. It further discusses the aim and objective of this research proposal, and the challenges associated with the subject of study that makes this venture worthwhile, finally posing the questions that this research seeks to find .

Adoption of ecommerce in smes in nigeria. Print Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

You can adoption level of e-business was higher in the highly skilled sectors of electrical and electronic goods than in the more labour intensive sectors.

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