The importance of our names in society

Why does it matter? If I were called something completely different would I still be writing here today? It seems calling someone by their rightful name and telling the truth about them is vitally important, but what are our true names and how do we discover them? Throughout time and across all cultures, the notion of name as it pertains to identity has long carried with it heavy weight, a weight for some which propels them forward and gives them momentum toward greatness in their given milieu.

The importance of our names in society

In our article today we are continuing to share with our readers what are the cultural processes and protocol for naming Ghanaian Akan new born babies, what the names mean and what informs the choice of those names in a rigorous way to answer the above questions: Naming Ceremony among the Akan: The naming ceremony among the Akan is called Dzinto or Abadinto.

Like the Ga and the Ewe, it is performed early in the morning on the eighth day. The person chosen to perform the rites should be of a good moral standard, the belief is that if he has low moral character by officiating at the rites, he can infect the baby with his bad energy.

The father is usually represented by his sister. The man performing the rites puts the child on his lap. Libation is poured during which he prays for prosperity for the child and furthermore asks that he should be blessed with many children.

The significance of the sayings is that the child should be truthful, or he should know the difference between good and evil. Among some Akan communities, a cutlass is placed in the hand of a male child and a broom in the hand of a female child or a basket is placed over her for a few seconds.

The importance of our names in society

The purpose of this rite is to introduce the child to hard work. The child and the mother are presented with gifts by the father husbandrelatives, and friends. The mother is given a cloth, a handkerchief, jewelry, sandals, etc.

This presentation is known as Tanfi in Akan. The person after whom the child is named also presents gifts to him, e. The Akan have various ways of giving a name to a child.

Before the eighth day, the child is given the name of the day on which he was born. This becomes his first name. For example, if he was born on a Friday, he will be called Kofi, if a boy and Afua, if a girl.

All such names have by-names. The Fantes have Ebow as a by-name for Tuesday born. Therefore, we have Kobena Ebow. Most Akan names have their masculine and feminine forms, e. A child who is born in answer to a request made to a shrine or deity is named after that shrine or deity.

Afriyie is for one born at a good time. Others show the festive occasions on which they were born, e. The Akan child can have different names.

The Importance of One’s Name Essay

These include names which are given to children who die and reincarnate. Such names are known as Apentedin or Okobae go and return. Such names which refer to filthy or nasty things are believed to prevent such children from dying.

Sumina incineratorOdonko marked face. Cuts are made on the faces of such children. Furthermore, the Akan have names for the order in which children are born.Other than these some other importance of society are as follows.

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That last statement may seem a little melodramatic, but in this week’s Parashat Sh’mot, the importance of names is abundantly clear.

In Exodus , Pharaoh punishes the Israelites by instructing that every son shall be killed and every daughter shall live. Being imaginative -our imagination- is a critical part of creative intelligence because it is a powerful tool that helps us visualize and understand alternatives, unexpected ideas and new possibilities.

“The sense of personal identity and uniqueness a name give us is important to us as individuals and to our society as a whole.” Valerie Strauss (, Sept. 19), “The Importance of a Name,” Washington Post. – Learning the names and pronunciation of those names is .

“The sense of personal identity and uniqueness a name give us is important to us as individuals and to our society as a whole.” Valerie Strauss (, Sept.

The importance of our names in society

19), “ The Importance of a Name,” Washington Post.

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